Artist’s statement

I am an Austrian botanical artist making pictures with parts of nature like the leaves of trees, petals or flowers, or pieces of bark. I don’t manipulate the pieces of nature I am working with in any way, but try to connect with the essence of the dried leaf or the piece of bark and look at them as long as it takes to find the best picture in it and do justice to it. This is a very meditative, spiritual kind of work that opens my heart to another dimension of life. In those small delicate pieces of nature one can frequently find a bigger picture like a mountain or a landscape with fields. I am happy to show with these pictures that we are all part of something greater and that it could be helpful to be aware of that when we are suffering and stuck in our own little worlds. My aim is also to show that nature is a work of art itself, even or especially when it doesn’t look ‘perfect’, which might be the case at first glance with leaves which have lots of holes nibbled in them. We just have to discover and see the beauty of nature and so-called imperfect things.

The Crack is made of a thin piece of bark which had fallen into the snow in winter.
Holy Holes is made of a leaf which has been eaten away by insects.

Here you can find more pictures and prints.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for pictures in high resolution.